ABC Friends News


Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has ensured that the future of the ABC as a viable public broadcaster will be a vital part of the next Federal Election campaign by committing the ALP to:
  • Guaranteeing the public broadcaster greater political independence
  • Ensuring an increase in funding to allow it to fulfil its Charter obligations
  • Providing the necessary resources for the ABC to present Australia’s ‘voice’ again to listeners and viewers in Asia and the Pacific, while enabling Australians to be exposed to a comprehensive coverage of international news and current affairs.
A delegation of ABC Friends National met with Mr Shorten recently in Canberra and was enthused by his statement to Parliament that his party would defend the ABC against attacks and funding cuts and by his contrasting approach to that of the Coalition Government with its continual harassment of the ABC and its attempts to weaken and undermine it.
This latest commitment follows Mr Shorten’s endorsement of the resolution passed at the packed Melbourne Town Hall rally on July 15 and adopted by ABC Friends Nationally:
  • A clear commitment from all political parties and individual politicians that the ABC will not be sold off or privatised;
  • That additional funding will be provided to allow the ABC to meet its Charter requirements to service the needs of all Australians;
  • That the independence of the ABC Board and Management, as set down in the ABC Act of 1983, be adhered to;
  • That governance of the ABC in the interests of our democratic principles be clearly independent of any political  or external interference;
  • That the ABC resumes its important role as Australia’s ‘voice’ into Asia and the Pacific with sufficient funding to ensure in-depth reporting into the region, as well as coverage back to Australians, of international news events; and
  • And that ‘our’ ABC aims to set “the gold standard for quality, ethical, specialist and diverse broadcasting nationally so as to inform entertain and stimulate our robust Australian democratic way of life.”