ABC Friends News

CAMPAIGN SONG YOUTUBE LAUNCH: “Once it’s gone it’s gone for good.”

ABC Friends, the organisation fighting to protect the national broadcaster and restore its funding, has released a campaign song as its social media campaign intensifies.

“Triple J Unearthed” artist Tim Solly has written the music and performs vocals for “Where Would We Be Without Our ABC?” with lyrics created by songwriting legend Mike Brady.

The song is just the latest in a long series of films and other shareable content being distributed widely on social media, with advertisement versions being pushed directly into our almost 30 marginal target seats – hyper-targeted at specific suburbs.

“We’d really like to thank Tim, Mike, and all of the other people who volunteered their time and facilities to help us make this song,” said ABC Friends National Spokesman Ranald Macdonald.

“ABC Friends groups around Australia are already recording versions of the song, and we are hoping others will take up the challenge as well.”

ABC Friends is calling on candidates from all political parties to promise to restore ABC Funding to pre-Abbott/Turnbull government levels.